Saturday, August 28, 2010

My Little Things #2

So, last week was the first week of a two week training that my organization does to prepare about 150-200 people to do service in schools throughout Philadelphia.  I'm the training coordinator so it's my job to welcome, usher, train, blah, blah, blah. The building that we use for this training is pretty big and we use rooms from the basement to the third floor.

I used to dread having to help set up rooms because that meant climbing stairs and arriving to rooms embarrassingly out of breath.  Well, the other day we had to quickly move a group of people from the basement to the third floor and of course, folks started complaining.  I quickly told one of the skinny complainers that if I could climb those stairs I know she better get herself moving.  I have actually taken to jogging up the stairs and skipping ever other's just faster and somehow it feels like LESS work.  As I was going up I could hear people saying, "Where'd she go.  What she must have taken the elevator or something!" 

I greeted all of the surprised faces and ushered them into their room as they came up.  It felt amazing not to be one of the stragglers for a change, although I was still outta breath.

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