Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Good Practice

Bboy and I had a great morning this morning.  I was proactive with dealing with some of the glitches that we face in the morning.  My parents helped out by giving him breakfast while I got ready.  By the time he got upstairs I had picked out a pair of shorts and a matching pair of long johns to wear under them and a shirt.  He saw his long sleeve Eagles shirt that I actually thought was a little too warm but he was psyched about wearing it so it was added to the ensemble.

He was just too excited about the outfit, especially when he saw that the sleeves from the shirt matched the long johns in color and texture--an added benefit to me since I've had to suppress my need to match everything; maybe he's developing my eye.  I still didn't wake up early enough so we were running late but I accepted it and moved on.  At one point, Bboy was focused on playing in my shoes instead of putting on his own and I gently reminded him that we had to get to school.  He actually agreed with me and said "Oh yeah, we're in a rush mommy, we don't have time to dawdle, right?"  Yes, he said dawdle.  It's one of the words he learned from his G-Mom after hearing it on Little Bill.

Well, he got everything on and rushed downstairs in his excitement to show his G-Mom his outfit.  I mean, he was really excited about it.  I get downstairs and proudly tell my mom that we had a great morning.  "Did you see our compromise, mom?"  "Yeah," she said, "but did you know it's supposed to be like 80 degrees today!"

Oh well, it was GOOD PRACTICE anyway.  I'll just check the weather next time.


  1. I love women keeping it real. Amazing how everyone of us has our own stories, isn't it? Thanks for posting.....
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  2. Great story. Day brightner. Thanks.