Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Little Things #3

So, I had a rough day.  I'm a training coordinator (think I shared that before) and we've been training about 200 people for almost two weeks.  It's a tough gig (but I must say a little off topic that I'm enjoying my job so much more since I've lost weight.  I have more energy, I feel more comfortable in front of people and I'm just happier overall, I think.)...but it is tough, emotionally and physically.  The days are longer, require a lot of running around, lifting, I have to interact with dozens of people and address their needs/concerns, act as counselor, negotiator, mediator and a bunch of other ...ors!  It gets tiring.  And, today on top of having to deal with a lot of people who are as trained out as I am, I had an encounter that wasn't very positive for me with someone who I consider to be more than a coworker and it threw me way off.  

I had to stay even longer at the training site to kind of process the encounter and by the time I got home I was really wiped out.  All I could do was get a huge hug from my son (he instantly made me feel better) and from my man (he made me cry a little.  Well, he didn't.  He just held me and let me relax into my frustration and hurt. The tears were release. Two weeks of having to be Ms. High Positive Energy stripped down.)

I went through the rest of my night until a few minutes ago when I realized that through all of it, not once did I think about food!  I had to deal with an emotional issue, in a tired state and I did it without feeling like I needed to get my comfort from food.  In fact, I got my comfort from my son and his father.  I'm calling this My Little Thing but really it's pretty big!


  1. Well I'm very happy for your breakthrough but do I need to come down there and whip somebody's tail?

  2. I didn't eat either...just realized it. We are friends and I love you! We'll talk later, but I have to say that I am so glad that you were soothed by your fellas and not food. I remember talking with you about that months and months ago, about being an emotional eater and sometimes I just wanted to let the yeast and sugar take me away from what I was going through. It doesn't help. It doesn't heal, and I'm so happy that you are not there anymore!!

  3. No, Ayanna! Please don't! You know how sometimes you let your guard down in front of people that you trust because deep down you trust they won't kill you (or if they do, you they'll work hard to bring you back to life?) ?

  4. No, boot, you don't need to do that! It's good, or it will be. Well, at least not for this but I'm sure that me and Brandi both could think of some other situations that we would want you to come

    Brandi--you know that it is beyond mutual. I truly value our friendship...TRULY! BTW, just read your PD blog and didn't get to comment yet. I learned a lot. Looking forward to the Tuesday series. Oh, just remembered I gotta see what Lady Jane wrote.

  5. I loved this post!! Three enormous cheers are being sent your weigh (way) from me!!! That is fabulous!! The first time you start to realize that you did not go for food in an emotional event is time for fireworks! The best part is: you will keep doing just that, not going for food. You are now building a new HISTORY of your life to regain your health. Have a great weekend! Michele