Saturday, September 25, 2010

That Sciatica is a B*****!

So, I was laid out and unable to move last night.  The slightest turn sent an excruciating pain down my butt and sometimes to my calf or foot that let me know I had moved in a direction that was not allowed!  I'm better today.  I still feel some discomfort and a little tweak here or there but my range of mobility is 10x better.

I know that my weight loss is responsible for my being able to function when I'm in the midst of a sciatic episode. When I would have them before I could be basically immobile for a week until it calmed down.  The fact that I'm walking around this morning or that I was exercising this week when I felt the beginning tweaks is amazing to me.  Part is that I'm recovering better and part is that I'm pushing through the pain.  Both parts equal a whole lotta fabulouslness to me!  But, I gotta tell you, I'll be happy when--I guess I should say, if--I'm every able to kick this, because sciatica is a b**** to deal with!  Anybody suffer from it?


  1. I haven't had the pain that you described from the sciatica. The great news is that you know your recovery is WAY less because you WEIGH less. Fantastic and honestly another NSV! I did break my leg two years ago. That was extremely painful and the recovery, too, but I am over it now. So, I can relate with the pain.

    Congratulations, too on a new decade!!

  2. You know I've never broken anything...well I broke my baby toe and that was some intense pain! But I'm extremely please with how I'm recouping from my "episodes" now. I thought I was going to be down and out last night but I worked out this morning and walked around all day playing at the playground with my son. Definitely NSVs!