Saturday, December 4, 2010

Weight Loss Program: Hot 100 Update #10

These are my goals from the Hot 100 Challenge and my progress on them.

1. Blog at least 3 times a week--I've done really well with this one for the week.  I've found a renewed blogging spirit because I've remembered how much a part of my weight loss journey it is...writing for accountability, processing and therapy as well as reading other people's blogs. 

2. Complete four days of toning per week--Medical leave from working out, unfortunately.  I miss it.

3. Fit into a size 14 pants by the end of the challenge.--I'm hoping to still make this actual goal is by Dec. 15th so I'm pushing it, especially since I can't work out. ARRGGGGGHHHHHHHH!

4. Get at least 7 hours of sleep per night.--I'm doing exceedingly well with this goal and I think I'm feeling the affects of having more sleep.  I like keeping this goal:-)
5. Slow down my eating so that it takes at least 20 minutes.-I had to really work on this one because I've also stretched out the time between my meals and I'm really hungry when I eat sometimes.  I still did well with it though.

6. Drink 100 oz of water a day--Did well the last two days with this one and wouldn't you know it...I was back at work! Ha.

7. Log my food journal EVERYDAY--Thumbs down on this goal.

I feel like I've gotten my mojo back!  I had a really good week from about Tuesday on.  Really refocused on a lot of the little things that I need to do to maintain my eating program.  When I'm able to get back to my workouts, I think I will really see a difference.  I'm excited.  How are things going with you?


  1. Yahoo to getting your mojo back! Mine is still hiding somewhere.

  2. Hi. Just found your blog today and look forward to visiting again. Glad you're feeling back into things.

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