Monday, May 3, 2010


I did it. I met my goal for the first six weeks of my health and fitness program. My goal was to lose 30 pounds and as of two days ago, I had accomplished that goal! I'm not even officially done my six weeks until Wednesday, May 5 but there you have it. And my reward is having my man take me to the movies. Just us. No wonderful little Bboy (my son's nickname since he was in utero). Man, I can't wait. Hey if you're a parent, especially a single mom, you know how big this little thing is.

Full disclosure...I didn't have the best week. I can honestly say that I haven't eaten anything that was off my eating plan since I began six weeks ago. But this week I ate two protein bars, which are not prohibited but are to be used sparingly if at all. I had two. It wasn't that I was craving anything bad, I just didn't plan well for my day and didn't have the foods that I should eat. If you have ever struggled with weight issues then you know the slippery slope that I placed myself on by not planning properly! I made allowances and that's something I can't let myself do. Plus, I only worked out twice.

Ok, so that was bad enough right? Wrong! Since I started this program I have been promising myself that I was going to fix my meals on Sunday instead of staying up to 2 in the morning cooking. So, if you know me, you know that it is a triumph that I would stay up to boil water let alone cook meals! Honestly, since my son started becoming a picky eater, I have been cooking but this program has forced me to really cook! I don't cook with fats of any kind (not even olive oil), no added salt (all products that I use must be NSA=no salt added) and of course none of the usual baddies (sugar, flour, wheat, etc.)

Anyway, I've been struggling to find recipes that bump up the flavor naturally, since there's no salt. In general, the foods I cook smell amazing and taste like a diluted version of the smell. Don't get me wrong, they taste great, they would just taste better with salt! Anyway, there's been an exception. I found a recipe for a dish called "Psycho Chicken". It's very flavorful, except the last time I cooked it (I actually used a turkey breast and not the whole chicken that the recipe called for) when I would reheat it, the turkey would dry out too much. So, this time I used a whole chicken, with the skin (generally a no-no b/c of the fat). It cooked great. Cut it and it was so juicy. I took the skin off and cut the breast dark meat for me! And I stayed completely away from it even though it looked soooo yummy. Then, I had the most amazing idea...I decided to use the white wine from the recipe to add to the juices from the chicken and make a little sauce that would help the chicken stay moist through reheating. It turned out amazing. Today when I heated it up, it was juicy and tasted even better than the first time. I was licking my fingers it was sooo good!

So naturally I wanted to let the person who posted the recipe how amazing it was and thank you. As I was on the recipe forum today, after I posted my thanks and love and twist, I began to read how you can never use the drippings from the skin and dark meat because of all of the fat that it retains! I couldn't believe it. I finally found a dish that lived up to its smell and it was because it was dripping in fat! Dang, that's why it's so hard people. BAD for you always is more fun, tastes better, feels better and looks better! Needless to say, this was not a great way to end my first six weeks.

But, none of that takes away from my success. I made my goal and I'm going to the movies this weekend and I'm back on track right now. And I'm giving my good, yummy chicken away.

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