Friday, August 20, 2010

What's Not to Love About Me

Dwele is asking me, "What's not to love about you?" And his words are playing in my head, changing from his voice to mine--"Everyday I find more reasons to." 

I cannot say with all honesty that I have ever not LOVED myself, but I can definitely say that I have been disappointed, pained and hurt by me.  I'm loving my journey because each time I lose a layer of fat, I find more of myself.  I find my hopes, my dreams, my desires,my inner strength.  I'm not talking about the inner strength to actually DO things, I mean the strength it takes to honestly look at yourself; to peal off your armor and be seen.  The strength to stop hiding behind big clothes, sarcastic comments, and an interpretation of a strong woman.

I'm coming into my own and I like it.

Dwele is asking me, "What's not to love about you?" and tonight I can't think of a damn thing!


  1. Thanks, dear. How's your program going. Did you start yet?

  2. Yes! We are ever evolving, and those things that might be "less loveable" are often the things that help us to get to the next level, so I agree...there is nothing not to love about you!

  3. Dwele said it Brandi, so I'm not Besides, I spend plenty of time looking at the things not to love. It's time to love all of me (not an easy task) and work each day to love myself more. Critique not criticize. Motivate not deflate.