Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Food & Fitness Fix

The weekend is usually a time for relaxation and a break from the work week.  But, if you are trying to change unproductive habits that have led to a weight problem it's important to see the weekend as an extension of the week.  It's not the time to slack up on your food or exercise program.  Starting today, I am going to post a tip that can help to continue the success of the week.  No sense in undoing 5 days of dedication and struggle for two days of gluttony.

So, today I want to share my latest fitness find.  This truly is MY latest fitness find because people have been doing it for years.  I'm talking about ZUMBA.  ZUMBA is a fitness program that uses Latin rhythms and dance moves to work your entire body.  The program brakes down all of the moves in during a BASIC introduction.  Each move is taught in three "Easy Beat" moves.  By Easy Beat 3 you are doing the move at full tempo (and if you know anything about Latin dancing, the tempo can be like fire!)

I've done one complete ZUMBA workout, which consisted of about 3/4 of the BASIC lessons (I had done the first 1/4 the night before) and the 20 minute express workout.  Let me tell you, by the end of the BASIC I was drenched and could feel that my muscles were working.  The workout lasted for about 50 minutes but it was great fun.  It's definitely something that I wouldn't get bored doing and is exciting and fun enough to keep me motivated.  I will say that there were a few of the moves that I just could not get during the BASIC instruction but a few of them became easier to do when I was doing the actual work out.  But it was my first time and let me tell you by the end of this month I'm gonna be ready to teach the class!  OK, so I went a little too far with that one but I will be able to join one.

That's the other great part about ZUMBA..  There are lots of fitness centers and even community centers that offer ZUMBA classes.  So, if you're a person who loves to get out and meet new people then taking a ZUMBA class might be right up your alley.  This is actually why I got the DVDs.  I decided that I want to take a class when I reach 50 pounds left to lose.  I figured at that point I will need something to rev me up for the final push.  Although, I'm not going in any class looking like an amateur or stumbling and bumbling all around.  I gotta go in looking fierce, you hear me! FIERCE!

Anyway, I'm loving my latest fitness find and it's got me all ready to keep my fitness going all weekend.  Happy Friday, y'all.


  1. I have friends that do Zumba, looks like a lot of fun! Didn't know I could get DVD's, will have to look into that! Thanks for coming by my blog! Look forward to following you!

  2. Definitely check it out. It's a great, fun workout. I feel it all over my body. Thanks for following.