Sunday, September 19, 2010

I Accept

I was bog surfing on Friday and came across a lot of new and fabulous blogs that added to my list of blogspiration.  One of the blogs, almostgastricbypass, issued a dare to his readers to stay committed to our weight loss plans.  His dare (he doesn't believe in challenges apparently) is that anyone who accepts will write two blog posts a day!  I was all in because his post that day so correlated to my post from Friday in which I discussed how not to derail your week long weight loss efforts during the weekend.

So, starting today I'm going to do two post entries a day (ahhhhhhhhhh!)  If you get bored or fed up with my yacking you will have Allan at Almost Gastric Bypass to thank for it:-)  More...and more to come.


  1. Twice a day?!!! That makes sense, though! It will really help you to stay focused on all of your goals. I might have to try it a few days/week.

  2. Just know that when you start blogging about your bowel movements, it might be

  3. Actually, Lanie Painie, they already made a post! lol