Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Blessings

I read a blog tonight that made me sit back and think about just how blessed I've been.  JAE wrote about her son, who was born with spina bifida. If you have the time, it's really worth a read.  It wasn't as if I read it and thought, "Wow, how lucky am I.."  or "There but for the grace..."  What I thought was, "how blessed are they." 

What I admire most is that their family has had major struggles and yet, they're busy living their lives and not complaining about the hand they were dealt.  I appreciate that...I admire that.  I think it's a great way to live.  Here are my top five blessings:

1. My son is amazing.  He's smart, funny, empathetic, confident, determined, strong, and loves me to pieces...to pieces.
2. My family.  They always have my back, front and sides.  I shudder to think where I would be without each and every one of them.
3. My man. He loves me.  He teaches me everyday about love.  Sometimes, I feel like I've learned more about myself through his eyes than my own.  He's taught me that I'm amazing.
4. I've lost 116.8 pounds.  I've always been blessed that my weight has not done more damage to my body.  I'm even more blessed that I'm taking control before it does.
5. My mom loaned me the money to get my car fixed.

How are you blessed?


  1. My daughter is definitely my biggest blessing! She was perfectly made just for me! Besides that, I would have to say my friends and family. My health. Knowing God.

  2. love this post.
    my kids
    my husband
    having a full grasp of all my faculties
    having use of all my limbs.
    have a good roof over my head.

  3. I have so many blessings from The Almighty, it would be hard to list them all.

    I will say I'm blessed with an amazing husband. I'm blessed to be born in this great country. I'm blessed for the friends and relatives who are near and dear to me. I'm blessed for the home I enjoy. I'm blessed with an education. I'm even blessed to have found the weight loss blog community! So, you see, the blessings are endless!!

    Lovely post! I just found you, but congratulations on losing over 100 lbs so far! And you've only been at this about six months!! Amazing progress. Keep up the good work!

    I have just a few more pounds to reach my first mini-goal (10% weight loss)!!! I've only been at this since July 20th, but I'm feeling motivated and happy!

  4. My husband and my kids would be my biggest blessing! Also, my oldest daughter's boyfriend believe it or not! He is awesome, treats her with respect, and puts God first in everything he does. I am hoping she keeps him around!

  5. @Brandi--Yes, that little Ms. Ayva is a great blessing...we never know why people are put in our lives, right?

    @cmoursler, Ann & Thrice--Welcome and thanks for sharing. I wonder sometimes if people are out there or if I'm talking to an empty room:-) I would love (if you haven't) for you to pass JAE's story along to your readers and just get folks thinking about their own blessings, instead of just what's not right. I've been seeing a lot of unmotivated, overwhelmed, defeated people out there.

    Ann, I would agree that the blog community is a blessing, lots of support, good practices & people who just get it...what you're going through. And, I'm really pleased with my progress. Just this morning I was marveling about how much I have left to lose. When I started, this point seemed so far away:-)

    Thrice--You rarely find a mom who is blessed by her daughter's boyfriend! And yeah, he definitely sounds like a keeper:-)

  6. Oh, thank you for this wonderful post! I'm so glad I found your blog through the Hot 100 challenge. You are amazing!! I see what you've already accomplished and i am so impressed and inspired.
    And I am also so blessed with my little girl and my husband, our health and our friends.

  7. Teresa--welcome. I'm glad you found it too. I hope that you come back often and share so that you can inspire us as well. Thank you.