Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Inspiring Weighs To Lose

The other day I got an email from one of the consultants who does trainings for our organization.  Now, this is a guy that I admire.  He's an amazing training and has such a positive vibe that people feel like they've been through a therapy session when he's done.  He's humble and nice and just an all around great guy.  

In this email, he tells me how he's been thinking about my weight loss journey and how inspiring I am.  He's joined the Biggest Loser club thing at his job.  Me? An inspiration?  This guy is inspired by me.  It's amazing to me that people are inspired by my weight loss.  I'm not being humble or naive or looking to flush out more "You're the best!!!" statements.  I'm already honored and motivated by those of you out there who have told me that I've inspired you.  What me about it all, is that everyday I'm looking for ways to stay inspired.

I'm inspired by so many of the stories out in the weight loss blogosphere, because there is so much motivation there.  I'm inspired by the family that I was born into, because there is so much support there.  I'm inspired by my friends, because there is so much encouragement there.  So now I'll add me, I'm inspired by me, because there is so much strength here.


  1. You are definitely strong, and an inspiration! The most noticeable thing to me is not even the weight, but your entire energy is different. I love seeing you strut around with your heels and jewelry, or running up and down the steps at training! I really think that your journey is a blessing for all of us that get to watch you grow (or shrink, ha!). It's proof that we are all able to take control of our lives at any point we choose, and that we are capable of achieving goals if we put our mind to it!

  2. Thanks. You know, as my bloggy-godmother, you've played an instrumental part in a big part of my weight loss journey. Don't know if I've said thanks:-) So, thanks.