Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Little Things #4

Ok, so today I wore the shirt that I got at the US Open.  I know you're thinking "big deal, I wore the shirt I got from the New Kid's on the Block concert!"  So, I will admit that it's really impressive that you can still fit that shirt and even more impressive that you'd venture out in it but the fact that I'm wearing a US Open t-shirt is pretty amazing too. 

As I mentioned in the last entry, I've been going to the Open for about 6-7 years with my family and I've gotten hats, buttons, water bottles, the first piece of clothing I ever purchased for my son (while he was still renting space in my body, no less), rubber duckies, etc. I never was able to buy a shirt for myself. 

Disclosure time: When I started this journey, I was wearing a men's 4x shirt.  The shirt I have on today is an XL!  This one really is a LITTLE thing:-)


  1. Pics your US Open shirt!

  2. I will after I'm done putting Bboy to bed. Dang, I barely got this thing up before you posted a comment!

  3. you go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Aunt Marion

  4. Awesome, awesome, awesome! WHat a great feeling that must be! Michele