Saturday, November 20, 2010

Weight Loss Program: Hot 100 Challenge Update #8

These are my goals from the Hot 100 Challenge and my progress on them.

1. Blog at least 3 times a week--Made no promises for weeks that I'm in training and I did not post, except for once.  I will say that I worked on the post a lot and was therefore engaged in my program.  I'm off next week so I will really not have any excuses, guys.
2. Complete four days of toning per week--I'm going to really focuse on this goal this week since I'll have time to try some new things.  I did work out two times, using my dvds, with extra weights on my arms and I felt it!!!!  I think that I will incorporate the weights into my live classes as well.  In one of my classes especially I think that the instructor does a great job of including moves that promote sculpting and toning.  I was laying down the other day and could feel some type of pack (probably a two-four pack at this point) underneath my belly jelly:-) 

3. Fit into a size 14 pants by the end of the challenge.--I'm still moving along with this goal. I know I will make it.

4. Get at least 7 hours of sleep per night.--This week I was going to sleep a lot earlier and stayed asleep.  An intresting development is that my son was staying in his bed all night.  I think I'm on to something.

5. Slow down my eating so that it takes at least 20 minutes.-Still going well. I've made myself very aware of how quickly I eat and drinking the water with my meals really helps to fill me up and slow me down.

6. Drink 100 oz of water a day--Doing pretty well with this goal.

7. Log my food journal EVERYDAY--Thumbs down on this goal.
8. No protein bars for a month--Made this goal and I'm removing it from my list.
I had a pretty rough week as usual with training weeks but it also a pretty emotional week.  I made a lot of "best" choices under the circumstance even though I had to check myself on some rationalizing of unproductive behaviors that I was exhibiting.  Overall, I think I did a pretty good job.  I'm proud of myself.


  1. Nice on the size 14 pants! That will be nice!

    Keep that food journal. I so need to do that too though. It WORKS! Keep it up!

  2. Overall you have had a great week! Keep up the good work!