Saturday, November 6, 2010

Weight Loss & Fitness: My Biggest NSV To Date

I placed my order for the ZUMBA total fitness package on September 10, 2010.  I went to my first ZUMBA class on October 23, 2010.  Today after my class my instructor told me about a Health & Fitness fair that will take place in January and that she wants me to attend...on stage with a group who will demonstrate the ZUMBA routine! How friggin' amazingly awesome is that?!?  She told me that she likes the way I move and that she wants me to do 4 songs with the group.

I'm totally psyched about this one y'all.  Doing ZUMBA on a stage.  I mean, 8 months ago I would have been lucky if I could last 5 minutes and that's being generous.  Today, during the part of the routine when the instructor goes around the room and kind of dances in front of you--motivating you to push harder--I matched her move for more and told her "I'm gonna keep up with you!"  She said, "I know, Mama.  You go!"  This was even before the exciting news.  This is big for me, just because of where I started.  I'm honored by being asked and proud of me for working myself to the point of making it possible.

OK, so you know this is gonna give me an amazing push to my finish because I will be working my ASS off until January so that I don't look ridiculous on that stage.

Let me also say about this event that for those of you in the Philadelphia area, it looks like it will be great fun for the whole family with lots of opportunities to try out new exercise programs and receive great information about living a healthier life.  I will post more about it on the look out or let me know if you want more information.

In other news:  I've been properly chastised by some of you out there who have gotten on my for not blogging, so I'm revising my Hot 100 Challenge goal of blogging at least 3 times a week to blogging once a day. I'm including an opt out clause for training weeks but will do at least 3x even then.  Thanks for keeping me on track and for even giving a hoot about what I write:-)  Love you all.


  1. I love my Zumba class! It's so cool that you were asked to sounds like it will be lots of fun!

  2. That is so wonderful! Congratulations! I definitely want to come to the event and support you. I am SOOOOO proud of you!! You are the Zumba Queen!!

  3. Thanks, Brandi. I would love for you to be there and little Ms. Ayva. It should be great fun.

    @Dawn--I love, love, love my class. ZUMBA period has got me moving and motivated. I'm glad I found it.