Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Zumba Debut

Ok, so I totally punked out yesterday at my Zumba class.  There was a guy there doing a feature on the teacher and class for a church broadcast of one of the other members of the class.  He did his thing filming the class and then he was hoping that he could interview the instructor.  We were in the middle of a song and she Zumba-d over to me and asked if I thought I could take over...I totally punked out, yall!  I was like..."umm, umm...this song...no way...I'm not ready for that!"  Punk!  I could have had my first experience as a Zumba instructor.  Actually, the truth is I would have totally messed it up...I'm great following along but I rarely remember the order of the movements, that's one of the reasons I like being in the front of the class.  Sometimes I know but most of the time I'm just focused on putting everything into the move...lifting my leg higher, squating lower, pushing through wanting to stop.  But, let me tell, I'm gonna be focused on learning those routines now, cause if the opportunity presents itself again, Faridha ain't gonna be no punk!

I will be having my on-stage Zumba debut (not nearly as "OFFICIAL" as all that.  I'm just gonna join my teacher on the stage and do some of the routines with her and probably 10 other people...lol) this Saturday, January 8th, at the PUSH Health & Fitness Fair.  There will be classes in Zumba & Zumbatomic (kids version), circuit training, belly dancing, line dancing, yoga and obstacle courses for the family.  Breakfast and lunch.  Screenings.  Etc. Tickets are $20 for adults and $5 for kids.  Click the link for more information.  I will say that if you are in the Philadelphia area and have been muling over how to you can get control of your health, this will be a wonderful opportunity for you to explore your options and have fun doing it.

Anyway, I'm had a great start to the new year.  I feel hopeful about so many possibilities that are opening up in my life.  I've decided that I'm going back to school soon, so that subject will start to pop up in my posts.  Life is good, yall and it's only getting better.


  1. Look at that 150 pounds off tag !! That is amazing and very cool !!

  2. Yeah, I'm chasing after your 160 Allan! Thanks. You've inspired me alot...your commitment is awesome.