Monday, January 3, 2011

Weight Loss Program: Hot 100 Update--#13-14

So, I missed my Hot 100 Updates for the last two weeks but I did want to do a final update to complete the challenge.  I'm working on follow through...finishing the things that I start.  That probably should have been one of my goals.  But anyway, here goes...

These are my goals from the Hot 100 Challenge and my progress on them.

1. Blog at least 3 times a week--Fell off for the final two weeks; was doing well for a while.  This goal was not accomplished

2. Complete four days of toning per week--I incorporated higher weights in my workouts and I'm going to borrow PX90 from a friend to up my toning regimen.  Looking at my body (me...not you) I can see the fruits of my labor and have been pleased overall.  I say this goal was accomplished

3. Fit into a size 14 pants by the end of the challenge.--I did not have a final fitting but I fit into size 14 pants and jeans so this goal was accomplished.

4. Get at least 7 hours of sleep per night.--The spirit of this goal was accomplished although my sleep was all out of whack the last week with company at the house and being off from work.

5. Slow down my eating so that it takes at least 20 minutes.-This goal was accomplished.

6. Drink 100 oz of water a day--This goal was accomplished although it was a lot tougher being home for the last week+.

7. Log my food journal EVERYDAY--I rocked this goal within the last three-four weeks.  This was and is a complete success.

Thanks Steve for helping my journey with this challenge.


  1. Sounds like you did just great. Glad you are back. Glad you had some time off, too. Happy New Year!

  2. Love that pic, Michele. You look glowy and happy! Glad to be back.