Monday, September 20, 2010

Embarassing Weight Loss

Has anyone losing weight experienced feeling almost embarrassed the more weight you lose?  I'm 5'11" and I think that I've hidden my weight pretty well.  You look at my before picture and you're like, "Chick, you're delusional!"  But what I mean is that most people would never guess my weight.  Even now, when I tell people how much more weight I want to lose I get the wide eyes or the "Really?" or the quick once over.  They"re all indications that people think that would just be too much weight.

Anyway, the point of this is that as I've lost more weight, I've almost become reluctant to say how much more I have to lose.  As one of my co-workers said, I've already "lost an Olsen twin."  By the time I'm done, I will have lost a overweight adult woman!  A whole damn person...that should have been on a diet too. 

I'm thankful that the feelings don't really translate into any deep emotion.  They're just fleeting feelings that I get over quickly.  But I just wondered if anyone else felt the same.


  1. I guess my moment of truth was blogging about how much weight I had to lose (75 pounds or so). That is just such a large number and embaressing. And because I am short-I do not carry it well. I know I wl have a hard time when this is over talking about how much weight ilost or was to begin with. But I know facing that embaressment and humiliation is key to my success and progress. I continue to be inspired by how much you have lost. Excellent!

  2. There are worse things than being successful! Awesome job...

  3. I actually thought about this yesterday. I think I'll choose not to give people in my real life any details about my loss numbers. Maybe only those who I am really close with and family. I can't see myself walking down the hallway with a co-worker I barely know and giving them the breakdown. The answer "a lot" and "more" will have to suffice for them.

  4. I say where it like a badge of what toy have accomplished!!!

    Aunt Marion

  5. @Allan--no doubt, there are, like not being scared that your son will run in the street and you will be powerless to catch him in time.

    D.Reeves--I kind of didn't think about it and the weight has just been coming off and people (at my job, my son's daycare, the church were my job does trainings, etc.) have just been following along with me. I think that I'll get over the embarassment the closer I get to my goal b/c I just don't want to take it with me and I will have accomplished what I set out to accomplish. I won't give a damn what anybody thinks by then. I'll be on my 7 day cruise in my bathing suit! lol

    Aunt Marion--lol you and your typing! lol