Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fitness Therapy

So, like I said in my last post, my boyfriend and I are fighting.  He really knows how to hold a grudge.  I'm not usually on the receiving end of them and usually am the one trying to talk him into seeing the bigger picture, so it's weird to be here.  The worst part is that somehow this butthead has become my best friend and so there were like a gazillion moments today when I wanted to call him and tell him something and couldn't.  Something on TV, something that Bboy said, how horrible I was feeling. 

You know what I did instead?  Just when I was feeling like curling up in my bed or vegging in front of the TV all day, I put on my ZUMBA DVD and worked my ass off!  No lie.  Like three weeks ago I was asking myself if I would ever turn to exercise to deal with my problems and today I worked out to blow off steam and to make myself feel better.

Hmmm.  Maybe he should stay mad at me for a while... I could lose all my weight in like a month. lol


  1. When I am pissed at my hubby, I go outside and walk, or I go mow!

  2. Wow, that is SOOOO good, Faridha. I get what you're saying on maybe he should stay mad at you for a while, LOL. I know you've made peace again by now, from reading this in your blog, and that is good. I am definitely working towards using activity as an outlet instead of vegging/eating.