Sunday, October 3, 2010

Things Get In The Way

I was really excited yesterday because it marked the end of Allan's Two-a-Day dare.  I was soooo happy to have participated and to have it be OVA!!!  But yesterday was really busy.  It began with the funeral of Mrs. Green.  It was an amazing service, which was so full of her life and her legacy to this world.  Outside of family and friends, she will not be known but her legacy is still one for this world.  Mrs. Green lived an amazing life of grace, dignity, service, sacrifice, selflessness, family, friends, strength, creativity, abundant love, inspiring, FAITH, and commitment.  I was honored to be at the service.  Sometimes you go to funerals and get no sense of the person.  This was the exact opposite.  Sitting in the pew you were almost enveloped by her spirit, it was so alive and present within ever person whose life she touched--no matter how fleeting the touch was, her hand left its mark.

The next stop, yesterday, was the 25th anniversary of my son's daycare center.  I'm on the parents' committee and we organized the event.  It came off really well and like Mrs. Green's service I was struck by the legacy of service.   The impact that investing in a person has not only on their lives but on every subsequent life that they will touch.  We honored two teachers yesterday who spent 20 years with the daycare.  One of the teachers recently left, the other is still there.  I think you can tell a lot about a place by whether people are willing to dedicate themselves to it.  In giving the daycare the plaque from the committee, I was able to recall my reasons for choosing that as the place that I wanted to send my son.  I think that they believe in the spirit of children.  They believe in childhood and play and music and dance and messiness.  They hug and laugh and learn through life. It's not perfect but I'm happy that I was able to remember what's so great about it.

After the celebration, I had to run a couple of errands and by the time I got home by godsister was asking me if her son (my godson, Mman) could hang out with Bboy for a while.  She needed a break, emotionally...Mrs. Green was her grandmother.  It was good for Bboy too.  H loves him some Mman.  So i had them all afternoon.

I was expecting Bboy's dad to come over for a visit because he's going out of town today but I messed up because my god sister asked me to take Mman for the whole night and I agreed.  Needless to say my grown man was not too happy and we wound up not speaking or seeing each other all night which put me in a crappy mood.  Through all of this, the only time I thought abut food was when I thought about how I wasn't thinking about food:-)  Long story longer, I didn't blog or exercise yesterday.  I was just too tired and had two little boys laying in my exercise spot and watching my TV.

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  1. My grandmother's funeral in South Carolina was like that. I was grateful because it was exactly what I needed to cope...hearing stories about how fabulous she was by the people that she touched!