Friday, October 1, 2010

Who Put Those Mushrooms in My Salad?

I hate mushrooms.  I've hated them my entire life.  My entire family seems to love mushrooms.  My man loves mushrooms.  I think my son is on my side, but he hates all vegetables and when I ask him what food he likes to eat, his answer if "Sweets!"  Not sure if I can count him in the battle.  Actually, I don't know if there is a battle anymore.  There were mushrooms in my salad today for lunch...and I ate them...and I don't think I hated them.

In all honesty, I was the one who put them there, well left them there is more accurate.  I ate a mushroom piece the other day and I didn't hate that one either.  Why?  Because my taste buds are changing.  That's what happens when you stop thinking about all the foods you will desperately miss and allow you body to adjust to new things.

We are constantly putting limitations on ourselves.  "I would never...I can't...I don't think...I can't live without..."  You can't live without what?  Donuts, TV, cigarettes?  I'll tell you what you can't live without, you can't live without a healthy body!  Stop telling yourself all of the things that will stand in your way.  The only thing in your way is you.  Obstacles make it harder, not impossible.  Figure out a way.  Find what will work and then do it.  It's not impossible.  I can point you to a gazillion people on the internet who blog every day about it not being impossible.  It's hard.  It's work.  It requires patience.  It's also life long.  But here's what it really's liberating, it's uplifting, it's empowering, it's finding new and great things about yourself, it's doing what people say is impossible and that's amazing!

Those gazillion people are no different than you.  They've just made the choice.  They make it all day, every day.  It's that simple.  It's that hard.

There were mushrooms on my salad and I put them there.  I ate them and I loved it!

I'm inviting anyone who is trying to lose weight to join me once I get to 50 left to lose.  That will give you, hopefully, two weeks to decide.  Some of you out there are only trying to lose 50 pounds (yeah I said only, hell, when you've lost 117 you get to say only!); some less, some more.  Maybe you just want to change some habits.    Let's do it together.

Come on, let's put some mushrooms on our salads!  More to come.


  1. I like this. I definitely think my taste buds are changing. I mean I crave totally different foods now. Especially veggies and fruits. If I go a few days without them I miss them. Weird. I always loved mushrooms, but never like brussel sprouts. Maybe I should try them again?

  2. I am joining, I joined weight watchers yesterday.

    Aunt Marion

  3. Keep trying new things, especially vegies!

  4. Yea, Aunt Marion! Let's lose together. I'm excited.

    @Dr.F: Definitely try them again. If you roast them in the oven (if you use olive oil, salt and pepper...that's all you need). They turn out crispy and yummy.

    @Thrice: Most definitely. I'm gonna have to try squash and eggplant next.

  5. I agree. My taste buds also are changing. I am loving fruit: fresh apples, grapes, and loads of cauliflower even grated up carrots! Great post!

  6. Yeah, I'm amazed at how much I don't need salt. My program has you cut out all additional salt and in the beginning I kept saying wow this food would be great if it had salt. I rarely say that now but the natural flavors of the foods are so clear to me now.

    There is no reason that people can't give up eating certain things. It's mental cause your body will adjust.

  7. That's funny-I love mushrooms, hubby hates them. But recently I began putting fresh slices in different stuff like omelets, and he doesn't mind them. I think a big part of it is that he hates canned mushrooms, since they are slimey.

    But I do agree about tastebuds changing. I think for me it is because I am coming to appreciate tastes other than cheese and pepperoni-I love roasted tomatoes and actually anything roasted now!

    I don't know if I will ever be a veggie 'lover' per se, but my tastes are maturing-I think I am more accepting mentally since I see my body shrinking at the same time that I am eating the previously foreign or disliked foods.

    Polar's Mom

  8. I actually love veggies now, Polar's Mom. I never really disliked them but now I eat them with nothing on them. I appreciate their natural flavors. a lot of them are really sweet, like broccoli and artichokes.

    I do the same thing with potatoes and sweet potatoes. Just eat them plain.