Friday, October 1, 2010

Hot 100 Update

These are my goals from the Hot 100 Challenge and my progress on them. 

1. At 50 pounds left to lose, join a real life ZUMBA class.--My scale isn't really moving this week but I feel great.  It's weird.  I feel like I've refocused on my eating and exercise but that darn scale.  I'll spare the fellas some of the reasons why it may not be moving but I was also thinking that with the new workout program, I may be building muscle.  We'll see.  I'm down .6 pounds this week.  Can't believe that.  But I still feel great.  I've worked out 3-4 times already and I'm getting this ZUMBA thing down.  Can't wait to start a real class.

2. Complete four days of toning per week--I'm at two days so far and I'll do today and tomorrow.  That's going good.

3. Fit into a size 16 pants by the end of the challenge.--bought a pair of 18s Sunday and they're loose already, so I think I'm gonna make this goal.

And I've decided to add two goals:

4. Get at least 7 hours of sleep per night.--Haven't started.

5. Slow down my eating so that it takes at least 20 minutes.--When I first started my program I tried this because I read how it takes at least 20 minutes for your brain to register that it's had enough to eat.  It actually worked and I was feel more satisfied when I ate.  I got away from that, but I've been doing it again this week.  It helps.  Gonna stick with this.


  1. Great job on the goals! Feels so good to get in those smaller jeans!

  2. Absolutely cool progress!

    And Celebration of Womanhood =) is a valid reason for not budging that much weight-wise. My scale finally jumped downwards after my Celebration, and I'm back to rocking it!

    Good luck for next week, WHOOHOO!

  3. Zumba is so popular now! I tried it a few times on vacation and had fun, despite being very uncoordinated.

  4. Excellent goals and great progress. You have come a long weigh (Oh, I mean, way!!).

  5. Good luck with your Hot 100 goals!!!

  6. Thanks everyone. yeah, I'm hoping that when the "celebration" is over the scale will move...I'm actually at abou 2.8 so I think that's a lot of what it was.

    ZUMBA has me enjoying working out...I love it. I can't wait for my class. I'm kinda mad that I made it a reward for 50 pounds left, cause I really want to start now.