Sunday, October 3, 2010

Week 26

Pounds Lost: 3.2

Total: 120.2
Inches: didn't measure

Exercise: 4 times/200 minutes
Toning: 3 days

Water: I drank 100 oz of water 3x this week

Next Weeks Goals: Lose at least 3 pounds. Work out at least 3x for 45 minutes and two days of toning. Drink water and eat meals on time. Journal. Blog twice a day.  Lose 4.8 more pounds and join a ZUMBA class! yay!!


  1. Great job on the loss and it looks like you have challenging but obtainable goals for this week!

  2. My sistah from another mother. Water 7 days per week. Stay wet baby.. Awesome results !!!

  3. Thanks guys.

    Yeah, I really trying with the water. I see a difference too, so I'm going to have to really push myself.

  4. Another scale victory!! Fabulous! I made it one of my 100 challenge goals to drink more water-it is hard to remember!!