Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sweeeeet Sixteen

They're tight.  They stretch. But, I didn't have to lay on the bed to zip them up or jump up and down.  I just had to suck in my belly a little. But, I'm wearing size 16 jeans today (and yesterday actually because when I was in the dressing room and able to zip them up, I quickly got a second pair!)  I am offically the smallest I've been in my entire adult life. 


Other stuff:

So, this week I've been really busy with outings.  Wonderful gatherings but lots of opportunities for off plan eating.  I'm happy to say that I made sure that I have eaten my foods.  I read someones blog earlier who said that she had cheated without cheating...which I like.  I understand that.  I've eaten my foods but two days this week I chose to eat a protein bar for the social aspect of feeling like I had a "dessert" or treat.  I took my son out to dinner at Chili's on Thursday.  I ordered a plain salad and a side of steamed broccoli and carrots from the kid's menu.  I also got oil and vinegar dressing and only used the vinegar for my dressing. it actually was very good and very filling.  While my son was eating this brownie w/ ice cream for his dessert, I ate a protein bar.  I deliberately didn't have chicken put on the salad so that I could use my protein serving with the bar.  Don't you know that that little bugger asked me for some of my protein bar! 

Yesterday, I went to a work BBQ thingy at my boss' house.  It was nice.  I brought my own food.  I had grilled chicken teriyaki, greens and sweet potato (it wasn't that great though...the sweet potato).  For "dessert" I had four strawberries (that equals about 1/2 cup, which is my carb portion for snacks) and another protein bar. 

I have another protein bar in my freezer and I thought about bringing it for my snack today as my son and I went tot the movies but I knew that would not be good.  I packed my snacks and lunch and a bag of tomatoes that I got from a farm fest this morning.  I ate chicken and pineapple before I went into the movie and snacked a bit on the tomatoes inside.  It's really amazing how you just want to eat at certain times...the movies definitely fall into that category for me. It's funny, whenever I go to the movies now, I have to stop myself from mentally deciding what snacks I'll get from the concession stand. I realized that I looked forward to that as much as I looked forward to the movie.  Anyway, I think I did pretty good today, except with my water! Gotta do better with the water and the sleep.

Well tomorrow is prep day.  I do all of my cooking for the week.  I'm a bit torn because President Obama is going to be like right down the street at a rally and I'm thinking about going.  I saw him before when he was running but he's President now!  I think I'll get a good nights rest and get up early, just in case we decide we'll deal with the massive crowds and security lines.

Have a great rest of your weekend everyone.  Have you done what you need to be ready for the week?


  1. yay for size 16!!!! Im so jealous!!! You rock!!! :D

  2. Size SIXTEEN!!!!!!!!! Awesome! Feels good huh?

  3. Oh, congratulations on those size 16's!! You've come so very far.

  4. Amazing. Love the Chili's story and that was a great example of what to eat in a fast food sit down joint. Almost exactly what I would eat, except you had the foresight to bring dessert. I just get coffee. Nice !!!

  5. Thanks all! Feels great to have those tight behind sixteens on my butt! lol

    Allan-Yeah, I like it because it was planned and thought out. It wasn't out of an impulse. I actually went to Chili's before and got a grilled chicken salad and told them how to prepare it (no salt, no oil, etc. no extras on the salad, croutons, cheese.) I know she thought I was wacko. But, it's amazing how you can get things prepared when you just ask.

  6. What a super sweet sixteen! GREAT JOB!!

    I know what you mean about the movies, I feel like I have to wear a gas mask to keep out the popcorn smell-since I start drooling like a Pavlovian dog as soon as I walk in.

    I'm very impressed with your Chili's dining choices-I didn't think there was anything healthy to get there-you set me straight!

    Polar's Mom

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  8. There is an award for you on my blog! :)

  9. congratulations! That is a good feeling. pretty soon you'll be swimming in them. Trust me. Keep up the good work.

  10. Hey guys. Been swamped with work and life just seeing these comments.

    Thanks for the awards. I'm honored.