Monday, November 29, 2010

Doing Fine & Recovering

So, I underwent a successful biopsy of my lymph node; however, I learned some not so great news, that I will have to forego my ZUMBA class or working out for TWO WEEKS!!!  This of course means that I will have to really be 100% with my eating and portions.  Well, I'm really tired so I'm going to hit the hay.  I'll be out of work tomorrow and hopefully back to being up and about by Wednesday.  Check you guys tomorrow.


  1. I was praying for you all day! I am glad you are doing okay!!! You will definitely stay on target with your eating and portions...and water!

  2. My thoughts are with you as you wait for the results, bloggerfriend. Stay strong whileyou wait. Your thanksgiving dinner sounds terrific! Good for you losing one pound, too!! And your mama might take Zumba with you!?!?? How cool is that!?!?!?!