Monday, November 8, 2010

Healthy Living: Special No More

So, it's over.  It lasted about 5 months so I think that's a good reign.  I have no regrets as I'm proud of what I accomplished.  But alas, my time is passing and just like Galadriel from Lord of the Rings I too shall now "...diminish and go into the west."

There are some people at my job doing some great things to become healthier...there's some kind of healthy living revolution happening and even though these people are starting to steal my thunder, there is no better thunder to give to others than the gift of health.  So, I'm sending my well wishes, continued support and encourage to steal my damn crown to the following people:

Joy--She's lost 14 pounds in about two weeks (I think).  Her clothes are getting baggy, she's drinking tons of water and she is bringing her lunch every day!  Go, Joy, Go!!!!!

Ms. Lorraine--Ms. Lorraine just went to the clothes store and got her sexy back in some cute jeans that she had to be convinced to try on.  She just knew those things wouldn't pull up all the way, at least not without some grease!  Hell, they were two sizes smaller than the previous pair she had purchased.  How wrong she was...not only did she get into those jeans, they already look a little loose to me.  Go, Ms. Lorraine, Go!!!!

Michelle--Michelle has lost 95+ pounds!  Dropped about 10 dress sizes!  And is getting her fitness on in fun and creative ways.  95+ pounds...I could've stopped there.  Go, Michelle, Go!!!!

Shelley--Shelley turned me on to my favorite ZUMBA class!  She's been under the weather and hasn't been able to go while I was going but we are there on Friday to get our ZUMBA on.  Shelley is making fitness and healthy eating a priority and pulling her man in as well.  Go, Shelley, Go!!!!

Chya--Last week Chya got a package in the mail with my favorite DVDs in it.  She is doing the ZUMBA thing guys and is so committed that she watches it on her little laptop and works it all out!!!  Can't nothing stop Chya and as soon as she really catches the ZUMBA bug I'm gonna drag her to a real live class!  Go, Chya, Go!!!!

Brandi--Brandi is looking for fabulous ways to build a healthier home for her daughter and herself.  She recently adopted the practice of not bringing any food into their home that has double digit amounts of sugar.  She's already seeing a difference.  Go, Brandi, Go!!!!

Lydia--Someone in my office affectionately called Lydia the crazy health nut and for the last 7 or so years that is what she has been.  But, she has pretty much maintained an eating and exercise regime that has enabled her to reach her goal weight and keep it off.  She has recently moved from just a treadmill and gym equipment junkie into running.  She's run a few 5Ks and is working up to one day run a marathon!  Go, Lydia, Go!!!!

I'm so proud of all of these people.  Just like me and everyone of us out there, their roads to becoming healthier has not been easy or straight but I'm so excited because they decided to at least try.  They've all decided that it is better to be on the road than languishing unhappily on the side, in a broke down car.  I'm also proud because they are already inspiring other people to join them, so I'm sure that I'll have some more stories to report soon and some more people who will be making me special no more.  You know what?  I couldn't be happier!


  1. Hello! cool your posts :)

    My problem is gaining weight, but maybe is the jewish food, much fish, white meat, fruits, vegetables, olive oil...

    It's a pleasure to follow your blog.

    I wish you peace!

  2. Welcome to Becoming Your Best Self and thank you. I must say that I have never had your problem but if you need tips on how to gain weight, I'm sure I can help you with that:-) Can't say that your health will improve though. Hope to see you back here often.

  3. Isn’t that terrific? Look at all the people who were inspired by you. See, one person makes a tremendous difference. How nice to be able to pass that crown on. You go!

  4. Thanks, Michele. It does feel good. I even had my cardiologist tell me yesterday what an inspiration I am! A cardiologist! But of course you know all about being a living inspiration. I'm still in awe of your bike riding dedication.