Thursday, November 11, 2010

Weight Loss Psychology: Realizations, Change and Challenging Yourself

When I weighed in yesterday morning, I had to sit down and really think hard about what the numbers meant and how I felt about it.  When the reality hit that not only had I move into a new decade but that I now had under 40 pounds to lose, I couldn't hold back the emotion. It was as if I finally allowed myself to really believe that I would reach my goal.  For the first time, even though I have heard often that giving yourself a good pep talk in the mirror is valuable, I actually did it.  I looked at myself, as far down as my little bathroom mirror would allow and examined my diminishing figure and emerging curves (instead of ripples), the muscle definition beginning to form and the body I will have when I'm fully transformed...I gotta tell ya'll, I will be hot shit! lol

I've had a great week.  It's been great because of the choices that I've made.  It began on Monday night when I waited around for almost an hour to take my ZUMBA class, instead of going back home and getting convinced by my man that I should just stay with him.  It continued when the instructor gave me a look like I wasn't putting my all into it and I pushed myself to match every move she made that showed off her instructor skill.  It got even better Tuesday afternoon when I my coworkers read my last post and were encouraged and elated that their efforts had been recognized.  And, when I offered a challenge to one of my coworkers who was lamenting the fact that all of her great party clothes that she could choose from at our last holiday party where a size too small just one year later.  We decided we would both be a size smaller by December 15th.  (That means that I've removed two weeks from my Hot 100 Challenge goal of reaching a size 14 by the end of the challenge!) 

How about this for a great week, my coworkers have organized a ZUMBA workout night for next Monday to allow those who have never done it to see if they are as captured by it as the rest of us.  I convinced the ZUMBA doer who is bringing in the DVDs to add an additional day (Tuesday) so that I can join in. (Monday is my actual class night.)  I have to say that my week began to soar Tuesday night on my way home when I stopped at RiteAide to get a money order and decided that I was still hungry.  Since the only thing that I can eat is a protein bar and not go totally off of my program, I found the isle and searched through the bars to find the one that I thought would be most consistent.  After about 5 minutes I found one that I thought would be the best choice and then just tossed it back on the shelf, got my money order and left the store.  At dinner, I picked out an extra portion of protein, as I was still feeling hungry, but put it back and told myself that if I was still hungry after I finished my allocated protiens, I would add some vegetables...which is what I did.

Tuesday night I decided that I wouldn't workout, but that I would do it in the morning.  When I woke up in the middle of the night, thoughts of a extra long sleep with no workout lulled me back to sleep.  I woke up, got my son ready and sent him off and worked out anyway.  I weighed myself after my workout.  I truly felt like I had been rewarded for my decisions and it confirmed something for me.

I have no excuses not to achieve my goals.  I understand what it takes.  I know the things that will derail me.  Once the realization happens, change is totally within your control.  That doesn't mean that it's easy.  It doesn't mean that temptation will disappear or that I will always make the right choices.  But it does mean that I have control over my own choices, whatever they are.  The only person who can sabotage me is me, the only thing that can derail me is me, the only reason that I won't reach my goal is because of me.  I have the power and how amazing is that!

With that said, I'm announcing that I will be issuing the "Becoming Your Best Self Challenge" to start in a few weeks.  The challenge is not limited to those of us on a weight loss journey.  This is for anyone who is looking to make change in their life.  So, I want you to begin to think about any dreams deferred, goals you want to accomplish, and journeys you've yet to travel.  Think about what it will take for you to become your best self.  I will lay out the guidelines by Monday of next week and the challenge will begin November 23rd. 

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  1. I love this post. First because you have come so far. Having less than 40 pounds to lose is an enormous milestone. Congratulations! But, the other part I love is the fact that you are offering a challenge that I think will be inspiring to many of us (I'm in!): so you are giving back, so to speak to all of us. Your co-workers are already reaping the benefits of your generosity. You are showing us all what one inspiring human being can do!!