Saturday, December 11, 2010

Just Checking In

So, I went over my 1200 calories today although I'm not sure what the allowance is for workout days.  My program has a pre-workout meal that can almost double the meals calories.  Although even with that I could have come under but I had more caloric meals today.  I did as well yesterday but came under my calories for the day.

It's funny cause I've felt uncomfortably full since lunch.  I'll watch my intake tomorrow.

In other news I made a turkey soup that was sooooo delicious that I thought that I mistakenly used my mother's thanksgiving turkey carcass.  She assures me that we used the right ones but I forgot how good my thanksgiving turkey was.  I've never made soup before so I'm kinda proud of me.  I'm going to try a butternut squash soup...maybe tomorrow that I found on Debbi Does Dinner Healthy, which is a great new find for me and the cooking frenzy that I'm currently in.

Ok, my son is getting scared off of a non-disney version of Beauty and the Beast, so I have to go.  Probably won't post tomorrow, it's cooking day.  Hope everyone's having a great weekend.

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